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Revised: Jun 24, 2006.
Welcome to antiCODE database!

Introduction to antiCODE

The antiCODE is a brand-new database of natural antisense transcripts(NAT) in all kinds of eukaryote organisms. Now there are more than 20,000 public NATs from 12 organisms, which are received from references and later manually curated in a unitive format.

Introduction to classification

We have introduced a three classification system--overlapping type, coding/noncoding type and cis/trans type. The classification based on the overlapping type labels each pair RNA as 5' overlapping, 3' overlapping, complete or others. Another classification system based on the coding type will tell us the RNA in each pair is coding or noncoding. The third system classes all pairs into cis that transcribed from the same genomic loci on different strands, and trans that are expressed from distinct genomic regions. Based on our classification system, an efficient search option is provided, which allows retrieve by species, classifications and other information.

Introduction to NATs

The natural sense-antisense transcript pairs are endogenous coding or non-coding RNA transcripts which have partial or entire complementary sequences. Several lines of evidence have shown that natural antisense transcript(NAT) pairs may participate in a broad range of gene regulatory events, such as transcription, RNA processing and transport, and RNA stability and translation. Antisense transcripts are also involved in Genome imprinting, methylation, X-chromosome inactivation , alternative splicing , RNA editing and RNA interference. Recently several large-scale NAT identifications in model organisms have revealed the widespread existence of NATs in eukaryotes. So to help with the study of NAT, we are now efforting to generate a publicly available database antiCODE which includes almost all eukaryote sense-antisense transcript pairs from literature.

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