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Revised: Jun 24, 2006.
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This page allows you to search sense-antisense pairs in antiCODE by keywords. You can enter multiple words separated by whitespace into the box and these will be implicitly joined with a logical AND.

1. In quich search, you can use accesison number, UniGene name, RefSeq name and species name etc. to search your interesting information under corresponding terms----gene or organisms.
2. In text search, you can lookup any your interesting words and you will get all the information in antiCODE which includes your keywords.

If you have trouble with searching, you can check the following tips.

1. Check the spelling of your keywords.
2. If you gained no results or too few results, you may search the substring of the keywords.
3. Another reason that you get no results or too few results is your keyword are correspondingly too many. Remember, multiple keywords will be implicitly joined with a logical AND. If you search multi-words, antiCODE will only give out the results which accord with all the keywords.
4. In antiCODE you can do further search in your search result, so you may begin your search with fewer keywords.

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