This page provides supplementary materials for paper "MANGO: a new approach to multiple sequence alignment". It lists alignment results for MSA software: ClustalW, MUSCLE, MAFFT, Dialign, DIALIGN-T, T-Coffee, Kalign, MAVID and four versions of MANGO: MANGO8, MANGO8-r, MANGO90, MANGO90-r, on three 16S SSU rRNA benchmark data sets. Here is bali_score program from balibase (V3) to calculate SP/PS score.

prokaryotes seq aln
program SP PS time mem result
ClustalW-fast0.9370.92900:05:24 4Maln
ClustalW 0.9130.93201:46:20 4Maln
MUSCLE-fast 0.9250.92800:02:25216Maln
MUSCLE 0.9370.92800:23:47216Maln
MAFFT-fast 0.9310.93000:00:42137Maln
MAFFT 0.9490.94201:40:06149Maln
Dialign-fast 0.9240.93434:11:23409Maln
Dialign 0.9210.92856:21:43401Maln
DIALIGN-T 0.7700.95205:45:19201Maln
T-Coffee - - failed - -
Kalign 0.9260.91400:01:13 6Maln
MAVID 0.9030.96600:01:27 14Maln
MANGO8 0.9290.94200:02:01 49Maln
MANGO8-r 0.9440.93900:11:00 49Maln
MANGO90 0.9430.94500:04:59 49Maln
MANGO90-r 0.9440.94300:09:52 49Maln

mitochondrial seq aln
program SP PS time mem result
ClustalW-fast0.4420.40800:01:03 3Maln
ClustalW 0.4780.46900:04:02 3Maln
MUSCLE-fast 0.3570.36400:00:30 74Maln
MUSCLE 0.4420.42100:05:33 74Maln
MAFFT-fast 0.5910.55800:00:33 147Maln
MAFFT 0.7340.69100:13:49 129Maln
Dialign-fast 0.5380.77700:17:50 34Maln
Dialign 0.5880.76300:50:24 37Maln
DIALIGN-T 0.2090.00000:20:02 26Maln
T-Coffee 0.5940.74037:31:031000Maln
Kalign 0.3750.33000:00:12 4Maln
MAVID 0.3800.83400:00:28 14Maln
MANGO8 0.5300.85900:00:04 10Maln
MANGO8-r 0.5950.73900:09:49 89Maln
MANGO90 0.5900.87800:00:37 10Maln
MANGO90-r 0.5960.83600:02:35 42Maln

eukaryotes seq aln
program SP PS time mem result
ClustalW-fast0.8740.84400:05:48 5Maln
ClustalW 0.8440.86601:06:53 5Maln
MUSCLE-fast 0.5880.67500:02:28186Maln
MUSCLE 0.8630.83600:43:58186Maln
MAFFT-fast 0.8870.87400:01:21192Maln
MAFFT 0.9050.88000:57:08147Maln
Dialign-fast 0.8210.89107:56:44205Maln
Dialign 0.8400.89414:56:31205Maln
DIALIGN-T 0.7610.93604:18:47112Maln
T-Coffee - - failed - -
Kalign 0.8690.83700:01:11 6Maln
MAVID 0.7530.93400:00:56 17Maln
MANGO8 0.8610.90400:01:15 28Maln
MANGO8-r 0.8960.88000:38:01 72Maln
MANGO90 0.8870.91100:05:05 29Maln
MANGO90-r 0.8900.89600:11:01 41Maln