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  Note: rs# and ss# must be prefixed with "rs" or "ss", respectively (ie. rs25, ss25)
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  Free Form NEW!

  NEW FEATURE: Display linkout to protein sequence with structure information
  (Click on the "P" icon in this example query "[RS] = between 295 and 305").

  Enter a query below or use the easy search form.
  Select organism:

This search may take a few minutes to complete.  The maximum number of returned SNP id for each query is 30,000.  Please download from the ftp site to obtain larger data set.

Available search tags
TAG Definition Example
[ACC] Search by accession Example: [ACC]="AC000120"
[CHR] Search by chromosome Example: [CHR]="2"
[FXN] Search by function class

Example: [FXN] = 3

Search by gene symbol Example: [GENE]="IGF1"
[HET] Search by heterozygosity Example: [HET] = 0.4
Example: [HET] between 0.3 and 0.4
[LOCUS_ID] Search by LocusLink ID Example: [LOCUS_ID] = 4023
[ORGN] Search by organism

Example: [ORGN] = "Rat*"

[RS] Search by NCBI cluster reference ID (rs#) Example: [RS] = 45
Example: [RS] between 45 and 100
[SRATE] Search by success rate

Example: [SRATE]=90
Example: [SRATE] between 85 and 87

[TAXID] Search by organism taxonomy ID [TAXID] = 9606
[VALIDATED] Search by validation status Example: [VALIDATED] = by-submitter
[WEIGHT] Search by SNP map weight info - the number of times a SNP map to the genome contig

Example: [WEIGHT] = 1

  Between markers NEW!
STS Search
Enter two STS markers that are mapped on the same chromosome:
STS Marker 1:
STS Marker 2:

Geneton Coming Soon!
Cytogenetic bands Coming Soon!


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