Seminar Schedule of Protein Structure Group

Paper reading seminars will be held on Tuesday evening weekly.
Contact: Lupeng Kong (

Schedule for 2016

Speaker Topic Time Location
Lupeng Kong Contact-assisted protein structure modeling by global optimization in CASP11 [ref] [slides] 19:00, September 27 844
Chao Wang Local feature frequency profile: A method to measure structural similarity in proteins [ref] [slides] 19:00, August 12 844
Fusong Ju Mastering the game of Go with deep neural networks and tree search [ref] [slides] 19:00, July 19 850
Jianwei Zhu Bbcontacts: prediction of beta-strand pairing from direct coupling patterns [ref1] [ref2] [slides] 19:00, May 31 844
Jianwei Zhu Deep Learning Review [ref1] [ref2] [slides1] [slides2] 14:30, April 9 844
Jianwei Zhu Improved Contact Predictions Using the Recognition of Protein Like Contact Patterns [ref1] [ref2] [slides] [slides] 19:00, March 29 844
Hai'e Gong Application of Deep Learning in RSA prediction [ref1] [ref2] [slides] 19:00, March 22 844
Chao Wang Assessment of CASP11 Contact-Assisted Predictions [ref] [slides] 19:00, March 8 844

Schedule for 2015

Speaker Topic Time Location
Chao Wang Strand bending in globular proteins [ref] [slides] 19:00, December 15 844
Fusong Ju Topics on Deep Sequencing and Contact Prediction [ref] [slides] 15:30, December 9 844
Jianwei Zhu MRFalign: Protein Homology Detection through Alignment of Markov Random Fields [ref] [slides] 19:00, November 17 844
Jianwei Zhu I-site database and software [ref] [slides] 10:00, September 1 844
Chao Wang scipy [ref1] [ref2] [ref3] [ref4] [ref5] [ref6] [ref7] [ref8] 20:40, March 25 801
Chunlin Huang matplotlib [ref1] [ref2] [ref3] [ref4] [slides] 19:30, March 25 801
Jianwei Zhu Protein Sectors: Evolutionary Units of Three-Dimensional Structure [ref1] [ref2] [slides] 19:30, February 4 844
Chao Wang Folding of a family of three-helix bundle proteins [ref1] [ref2] [ref3] [slides] 14:30, January 23 844
Hai'e Gong Sparse higher order CRF for improved sequence labeling [ref] 19:00, January 15 844

Schedule for 2014

Speaker Topic Time Location
Chao Wang Abstracts of main servers in CASP11 [ref] [slides] 19:00, December 23 844
Chao Wang Folding dynamics, hierarchic folding, conservation scores, structural alignments [ref1] [ref2] [ref3] [ref4] [ref5] [ref6] [slides] 18:30, September 3 844
Chao Wang Extracting knowledge from protein structure geometry [ref] [slides] 19:30, April 8 844
Chao Wang Fast Geometric Consensus Approach for Protein Model Quality Assessment [ref] [slides] 19:30, March 24 844
Chao Wang Monte Carlo uniform sampling of high-dimentional convex polytopes [ref] [slides] 19:30, March 13 1038
Chao Wang Interhelical Angle and Distance Preferences in Globular Proteins [ref] [slides] 19:30, March 5 1048
Chao Wang A minimal sequence code for switching protein structure and function [ref] [slides] 19:30, February 24 1038
Chao Wang Summary of Zing conference of Protein Structure Prediction in Cancun [ref] [slides] 19:30, February 17 1038